A New Dawn (Reprise)

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As usually happens as I approach the end of the year I’m beginning to take stock of my accomplishments over the last twelve months. And, as usual, I find I’ve come up rather short of the goals I’d set myself.

I gave myself 23 New Year’s Resolutions for this year and entered them all into BigLifeDiary (henceforth referred to as BLD) along with potential Life Score Points (LSPs). (This is something that no one should ever be proud of  – in fact just knowing what I’m talking about here should make you feel vaguely ashamed of yourself)

I shall now go through the list and see how I’ve done.

  1. Write every day – Woeful. I haven’t entered a score in BLD for since 8th February, and yet I’ve accrued -332 LSPs.
  2. Finish “The Motley Life of Edison Swift – Well I have started it, so not an abject failure. But I have only written the first 2 chapters. And the second chapter is garbage.
  3. Finish “The Book of Lies” – I have done nothing with this since 2014’s NaNoWriMo
  4. Finish “Sunnyside Manor” – It was a long shot that I’d even get to this, and lo and behold I didn’t
  5. Finish “The Boy Who Solved the Centurion Code” – See 4.
  6. Finish “The Smiths” – See 5.
  7. Eat Sensibly – I think I started out well this year and did lose about a stone and a half. However, my more recent diet has been comedic in its unhealthiness.
  8. Get weight down to 13 stone – HAhahahahahahahahahahhahaha hahaha ahahhahahahahhhahhaahahahahhhahaha.
  9. Read a serious article from Time, EDGE, New Scientist or National Geographic every week – How hard could this have been? Too hard.
  10. Read a novel every week – This I may have come close to doing. But it’s a bit of a cheat to have it on the list. And I haven’t reviewed and rated them on BLD so I have no record of my reading exploits.
  11. Read a non-fiction book every week – Hopeless.
  12. Run 500 miles a year – I did try for a week or so, but to average 10 miles a week is going to be hard…
  13. Learn conversational Greek – I did listen to a lot of audio lessons but it appears my mind may not be compatible with Greek.
  14. Do something interesting with the family at least once a month – I may have come close to achieving this, but again I haven’t recorded what I’ve done.
  15. Win the Prem at Lings – This is quite a specific resolution and incomprehensible to anyone unlucky enough to be reading this who doesn’t know me well. But it just means I have to win the top league at my local squash club. I used to do it regularly, but the standard has improved exponentially and now I’m lucky to even get into that league… So, for once, I can honestly say that I tried my hardest to accomplish this.
  16. Ride 2500 miles a year – I hardly even tried with this. I probably rode 50 miles in total. 10 of them up Mont Ventoux.
  17. Go to the gym every week – I did join a different gym in order to encourage my better half. So now I am a member of two gyms, when in reality I only need the facilities of 4% of one gym.
  18. Do exercises before showering – This was simple. Do a few press ups and sit ups before I have my shower whenever I had it during the day. I was really good for almost 6 months, but inexplicably stopped. And never restarted.
  19. Don’t play computer games or unduly procrastinate on the Internet before I’ve done reasonably well with this list – This year I have bought an XBox One and a PS4. I’m on level 2015 of Candy Crush and I have an awesome village in Clash of Clans. So you tell me… Success?
  20. Make a daily (realistic) TODO list every day. And attempt to do the things on it – This is good advice, but I have found that I’m much better at making lists than I am at doing stuff.
  21. Cook more – Again, this started pretty well, but recently I’ve been mostly eating takeaways…
  22. Work harder at Superchips – This is a bit moot now that I don’t work there full time, and I can say I’m definitely more efficient with my time when working.
  23. Do not not do something that I should and can do at the time – Or don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today. I have tried and I know this will give me more time in the long run, but I guess I’m just lazy…

So, I have done… poorly.

However, with this new blog post in over a year comes a new plan. I have a new calendar app which allows me to break the day down into a timetable like I had at school. So hopefully a more rigorous approach to time management might remind me to do what I should be doing and nudge me in the right direction.

So, was writing this post on my timetable?

Don’t be silly.

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