I haven’t seen Interstellar yet, but…

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A review of Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s latest movie, written by Catherine Nixey can be found here: Interstellar review from the Times

I felt compelled to respond.

Dear Catherine,

I am writing in regard to your article about “Interstellar” in Friday’s edition of Times 2 and your ludicrous assertion that love does not transcend time and space. For this to be backed up by so called experts is even more galling.

Firstly there’s a mistake in how time passing quicker works. It’s more to do with how fast you’re travelling in relation to another point in space. As your relative velocity approaches the speed of light your mass approaches infinity and your journey through time slows to zero. So effectively if you could travel at light speed you would, in your relative framework, be travelling at infinite speed because however far you travelled, it would only take zero seconds. But to an observer on Earth (say) time would pass normally and he would see you travelling at only the speed of light…

So, if love exists, and can be defined as the connection between two or more souls, we need to explore if distance over space or a difference of time frames affects the strength of this connection, affects how much you love your observer back on Earth.

From personal, empirical evidence of my love I know that no matter how far I am from my children or better half the strength of it does not weaken with distance. And I also know that it does not weaken over time.

So surely, given these two obvious facts, that it does not diminish no matter where or when you are in the universe then by definition love does transcend time and space. QED.

Best regards